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Huntington Chase Apartments are the worst apartments in Warner Robins GA. They have several hidden fees, including a mandatory fee for cable television that is $30. A trash fee which is $5. A termination fee which is $3. You also have to pay for your access remote to the gate which is $30-$40 Each. Not to mention that the gates have only worked A couple of times in the three years I’ve lived here. We’re supposed to be paying to live in a gated community, but when the gates do not work and they stay wide open all the time you just feel unsafe. The fence along the back of the property is tore down in spots and it’s been that way for over a year. There is an access from the powerline that you can walk straight from there onto the property. I do not feel safe here, there have been multiple break-ins in vehicles and vehicles have been stolen from the property because criminals know that the gates stay open 24 seven. And you forget trying to get compensated or credited. These people are bloodsuckers and they don’t mind charging you every little dime they can. They give you a laundry card that you have to get a separate money order to load credits to do your laundry at their facilities just for everybody to share one little dryer. Oh and be careful when you go present the money order and they loaded to your laundry card they just might charge you the $20 you paid for laundry right back to your rent. It happened to me more than once. it’s been a year now and only one dryer has worked. On top of this aboslutely no utilities are paid in full. Water and gas and electric you have to pay out of pocket. If you want a garage that is another $85 a month. These are suppose to be upscale apartments in warner Robins and according to the price they charge you would think so. Think very carefully prior to signing anything with these people and look around first because you can find a lot better deals in the area. They have rats and mice in most apartments and roaches in a lot of them too. The apartment below mine had been vacated for 2 months before they removed the food and stuff that was left behind causing major infestation problems for everyone in the same building. | Some people in the office staff are very rude and unprofessional and basically frustrating to deal with. They leave full trash cans at the pool area for days on end which causes other rodent problems. The sign at the pool says no alcoholic beverages allowed but I have witnessed even staff drinking at the pool, but you as a resident try to bend one of the rules and you could get served with an eviction notice. And let’s not mention the pool bathroom, it has so much water damage and mold and mildew you can smell it before you walk in and there’s spiderwebs and visual spiders, you do not want your children going in there. This is very unsafe and I health violation. Low and poor lighting and very unsanitary. They charge you $300 to have a pet, be Carefull walking outside anywhere on the grass because you are going to step in animal feces. Again don’t let your children go outside barefooted. One more health violation. Also youll be lucky if the maintenance people respond to you within 3-4 days in a non-emergency situation. Also better get an apartment close to the dumpster because they only have one so if you live on the other side of the complex hope you like to walk. And enjoy paying 5 dollars a month to walk your trash to the dumpster all the time. And the $3 a month you pay for extermination might as well go out the window or you could use it to go to walmart and buy your own exterminating products, they might actually work. Also if you are expecting a package make sure you check with the front office every day because I have gone 4 days before after my package arrived and even then I had to call them they never called me. I am buying a house, I would say don’t you dare try to get out of your lease early unless you are willing to pay about $1,500.00-$2,000.00 in fees. But I am paying the $1800 for terminating my lease and I’m giving my 60 day notice and I’m paying month two months rent plus my prorated rent of $210. These people are not keeping me trapped here any longer. I’m biting the bullet and getting the hell out of Dodge. These people are about the most unprofessional I have ever dealt with and these are by far the worst apartments I have ever lived in. I have lived in about 4 other apartments besides these and for the costs and hidden fees these are the most horrible apartments I have ever seen. I can not warn you enough stay away from Huntington Chase Apartments in Warner Robins GA. Payback is Hell !!! Warner Robins, Georgia U.S.A.

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