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I have a true story caught on tape, telemetry, texts, social media pictures, professional testing results, professional inspections, dealer damage statement, personal insurance criminal claim covered a portion, legal judgment document, doctors statement, and emails. | “I can’t (lifetime) warranty my Supercar failing Ceramic Pro coating because my installer/detailer stole and vandalized the $100k car for personal use before returning it with a non-performing coating and with thousands in unpaid damages, because Ceramic Pro America’s owner (Peter) opines I vandalized my own car to get back at their certified installer for his transgressions. Tempe police state that any time keys are handed over, personal use, theft, or vandalism is not criminal but only civil in any matter from the point vehicle keys are in the business owner’s possession” | After realizing the criminal activity and speaking with the owner, he quickly started a large smear campaign within phoenix by telling shops that I’m scamming him (no money in startups to scam, but no one realizes that). That libel has further stolen my right to fair commerce by my being banned from shops who can fix the exterior damages. | I’m a 21yr US Army Officer w/ PTSD that has been exacerbated because of the defamation and lies to cover the theft and vandalism of my new car that was supposed to be a tribute to POW/MIA, but can’t because of the long process of “civil” contention; meanwhile the bad business owner continues to operate putting others at risk of loss. | I’m trying to get this story of a bad Tempe business out to others; owner is 24yr old male with claimed $1mill insurance coverage (1 of many lies), an LLC and global distribution supplier of vehicle coating (sealant) to fraud the populace. | Will you contact me please and let me know what I can provide specifically to help with efficiency of getting this scoundrel and his affiliate’s story to the local community? HQD is blocking negative public reviews and having friends act as if they were customers for 5 star reviews. | CAUTION: One of the vandalizing members has a record, guilty of rape but is not registered as a sex offender in the area and is selling almost broken $20k transmissions from chopped cars, as new (further fraud), to the ($135k) Nissan GTR community.

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