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I had a 72 month car loan and was in my step dads name. I have put so much money in after market parts for my car its unreal. I called hyundai trying to get the car in my name and told them i was the one making the payments every month. I have never been late on a car payment. The end of september i come home to my car gone. Its a plasti dipped chameleon so its hard not to spot. I called the police and reported in stolen. They told me it had been reposed. My step dad finally confessed that he let my payments go 3 months in the rear and this douchbag even charged me the 32.00 dollar late fee. I called trying to get my car back and they would not speak to me but they repoed the car from my house which was never on the car loan. So they had to have had my info in the system to have tracked it. I called and they said my car still has not been sold. I called abc auction and they do not have my vehicle. Im taken my step dad to small claims court. Does anyone know what auction may have my car. I have paid 5 1/2 years on my car and i would have paid it off this january 2017. Please help anyone.

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