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I am writing this to alert others of this companies deceptive practices. I had their “Director of Sales and Marketing” come into my dealership to sell me a bill of goods. He promised all sorts of things. He used lots of impossible to fulfill superlatives like most, best, everything, all of it, etc. This got my ears perked and reeled me in on signing up for their “full package”. Unfortunately for him, I have a great memory and a camera with sound. They continued to promise and promise as what they said would occur didn’t take shape in how they said it would. They continued to try to alter their story as it started smelling foul. Thats when I finally threatened to cancel and they said they would sue unless I paid them in full for the year long agreement or stayed with them for a year. I didn’t even threaten them with litigation due to their lack of fulfillment on their side. I should have listened to my buddy when he said don’t do business with them. I now see why they have a bad reputation in what they call a “territory that they own”.

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