The company iChameleons displays photos of actual Apple products and then provides knock off products that look nothing like the images they display. To add to my dismay they even provide a magnification tool in order to focus the purchaser’s attention on images of actual Apple products. The prices are much lower than you might pay for an actual iPod product however, toxic paints have been used time and time again with products like this .. as if it were an intent to destroy the health of consumers in America. Who knows if the inside of this thing contains mercury? I would never knowingly purchase something like that no matter how cheap it is! Be that as it may, I ended up purchasing a piece of hud that was NOT an iPod shuffle (as I fully expected). I ended up handling the cheaply painted knock off before I had a chance to think it over. I never tried the product to see if it worked.. I personally could care less! Not only did I want an Apple product but I needed the charger it should have come with for my other Apple iPod shuffle. I complained to iChameleons and was treated with disdain. I complained to the advertising company that introduced me to iChameleons called CityDeals, and they replied with: I am sorry, how is this fraud? OMG, I wanted to have an attorney explain it to them! I have done my best to inform Apple Computers legal department of this.. yet I’m not done venting yet! I just wish I could post the photographs and my actual attempts to communicate this matter here or on some other blog somewhere.. I demand I want iChameleons to cease and desist their misuse of Apple product images. Stay away

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