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I just wanted to transport my house and my familiar proposed me one famous company. It has the name Ic Media Direct. I decided to meet with them in order to discuss all the details. They look solid thanks to the office in the city center, expensive cars, and very polite personnel. I was very glad about it. We have formalized the agreement and they vocalize the sum of 12,500$. We decided to do it in a week. Custom vehicles arrived in a fixed time, so the entrance to the house was clear and the company arranged with the police about unobstructed vehicle movement. Everything was ready in the evening. The custom vehicles come in the morning and started to loading. I have watched all the process because I understand how hard it is. I realized, that if something comes wrong, I will lose my house. In the dinner, my house was almost loaded on a special platform and I was very happy. So, the Ic Media Direct started the movement to the point of unloading. We moved for 18 hours and all this time the work continues. Here appeared several problems, but they are caused by the privates. As the result, the house was transported in 35 hours. I pay for such a service and entered the house. Everything was all right for one day. But in the other day, I came home and find there a huge crack in the middle of the house. It is going to be a nightmare! I just try to call this company and they say, that the specialist will arrive here in the early morning. He arrived with the work gang and they take two walls to pieces. Then they make the samples and explained, that this problem will be solved in the nearest future. I have called this company every day, but they just explain, that I must wait for the results of expertise. On the fourth day, they call and told, that the reason of the crack is the old foundation. But it is impossible because each day concrete started to be solid. I tell them, that I will put this deal on law, but they answered, that there is nothing, that can influence the results of expertise. This evening my ex-neighbor call me and told, that when the house was transported I wasn’t over the place and something goes wrong, so the house inclined. I started to call the company again and arrived at them, but they don’t want to realize, that this crack is their fault! As the result, I paid about 14,000$ for the transportation and get the broken house. That firm is really irresponsible. I didn’t get the assurance and refunding. There was nothing, but the screaming and threatening!

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