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The estimated delivery date was way off. I was expecting a package to come in two weeks, rather than one week. this would seem like a good thing, except I didn’t keep my eye out for it, and my package was left at the post office for about a week and a half. Additionally, the website promises UPS shipping, which is not true. UPS ships it to the post office. In my case they shipped it to a post office about an hour away. (very inconvenient.) I contacted the post office, and they did not even have my package! When I contacted customer service, they just said “sorry”, and told me some BS about how they tried to use the postal service to deliver the packages so that it is delivered by “the men and women who know you and deliver your mail everyday”. Hello!!! I live in New York, no one, let alone the mail man give a crap about who I am and what mail I get. ridiculous. very disappointing. unprofessional, and customer service was unhelpful.

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    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020
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