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I booked a trip on march of 2015 from a flyer that I received at my job. The flyer stated trip to Aruba $189 per person plus $59 booking fee per person all inclusive with airfare off peak. I asked if there would be any other fees and they stated only booking, reservation fee and taxes. So after I signed on I was transfered to customer service department and then to a reservations department that also required me to pay a fee of $29 per person to get a quote for my trip. Every quote that they sent me was $1100 to $1300 per person (4days and 3 nights), I still have them all (4 of them). I also paid an extra $25 re-submission fee becasue they stated that my dates were “PEAK” time for Aruba and it needed to be off peak. So we went back and forth with the dates always some kind of problem with the dates are the days of the week, so even when I finally got the right dates for “off Peak” the price was still $1100, ” this is suppose to be booking and taxes fees”. I also had pay an extra $25 to get the other quote for “off Peak” and got the same quote that I got for “Peak”. So! I now go back to First Select Travel to find out what is going on here because I did not purchase a Trip to Aruba for $1400 for (4 days and 3 nights), I could have done better than this on my own through the internet. So now I’m $850 in deep and still no vacation to Aruba because of all the rules they keep coming up with. Now! First Select travel which is now A1 Travel consultants, stated to me that my trip is that price because I was not leaving from a “HUB” airport, flyer never mention anything about a “HUB” airport, for me to go back to Fun Time Reservation and ask them to take off the airport that I was leaving from (NewarK) and ask to leave from NYC which is a “HUB” airport and take off the All In Inclusive and this should bring my price done. Now remember my orginal package stated “All Inclusive” with airfare. So! I sent Fun Time Reservation an email stating what I was told to do. I received an email back from Fun Time Reservations stating the it can not be change ( I’m still in my 24 hour window) because I already sent them in the reservations form. So here I am with no trip and out of $850.

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  1. Aleshia Simonin
    June 16, 2020

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