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I have come across a company that emails me regarding a resume I submitted that I became suspicious of when the ‘Director Kevin Spear’ kept insisting that I click a link and update my information and that link kept sending me to something else. The name of this company is IKON Talent Management http://www.itmcsg.com (which seems like it’s a legit company) I received about 8 emails from the same ‘director’ that confused me because I had submitted my resume several times. | I became weary when a second link on the email directed me to a conference call website. I emailed Kevin Spear letting him know and requested he call me, because there was no phone number available, but his response led me to investigate this company further. I confirmed that one of the addressees on the site is also listed on another scam site they have www.htmcsg.com This is horrible considering the fact that I really need employment.

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