Iku Wholefood

Iku Wholefood

We received a report on a crooked guy named Ken Israel who owns a failing business IKU Wholefoods in Sydney Australia . | His business is failing and was about to go bankrupt. So he employed a guy who invests in his business with time, expertise and money and earns the business an extra $500 000+ in sales in exchange for a slice of the business after 12 months. | And given what we now know about Crooked Ken, its not surprising he reneged on the agreement and now owes the sum of $165 000, which he refuses to pay ( so far). | So to anyone looking to do business with Crooked Ken from IKU Wholefoods the message is don’t ! This will happen to you. | The fact is …He is no better then a common criminal who steals from a shop and should be behind bars, with so many other white collar criminals who think theycan get away with it. | But fear not , it will catch up with him . | We understand he is having to look over his shoulder everywhere he goes and when he leaves home. He has done this before and there are debt collectors out tracking him down and will eventually catch up to him, which is a good start to the process.

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  1. Alexis Bordas
    June 17, 2020

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