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Rewire your brain; reclaim your life! Trauma and/or relational abuse can drive anyone to break down or act out. There is a way to find healing that does not involve pharmaceuticals or a deficit-based diagnosis. Dr. Ileana is poised to support and enhance your unique path of self-directed healing. She helps clients overcome fears and reclaim desires, specializing in mind-body-spirit alignment and psychological integration. (Spanish: La clave de la salud mental es el apoyo y la comprension. Existen soluciones que no implican el uso de drogas psiquiatricas. Por favor, llama a la Dra. Ileana por una consulta gratuita para saber mas.) You have the power to heal yourself; I can help you figure out how! Each person’s brain is wired differently. By identifying the beliefs and behaviors that support an undesirable mental state, I help clients breakthrough to alter their internal mental climate and generate sustainable emotional wellness. I integrate psycho-spiritual modalities into a comprehensive and pragmatic plan for personal development. I have reinforced my own spiritual capacities through studies of alternative health therapies, including: mystic Christianity, African and Native American Rituals, Yoga and Mudras, Chakra Realignment, Meditation and Hypnosis. Same day sessions available

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