Ilisa Kaufman Tearing Ocd Apart!!!

Ilisa Kaufman Tearing Ocd Apart!!! Review

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Are you completely exhausted from doing compulsions? Are you sick and tired of being held hostage by your obsessions? You realize you can not continue to live this way! Only you do not know how to get this dysfunctional cycle to stop! I can help liberate my clients. My ideal client is anyone who is coping with life’s stressful situations by either avoiding or engaging in compulsions or rituals in order to attempt to control their environment.Can you imagine your life if you barely heard your obsessions and did not feel like you had to do what they told you to do? I can help all people suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and addictions reach a place of recovery!I use exposure/response prevention treatment techniques to help my clients control their compulsions. I also teach my clients very specific rules and coping skills to implement in their lives. This usually helps break up most of the addictive habits. Thus leaving people more freedom and time to enjoy their lives and their families.

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