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On Feb 24, I called to get a kit for my pick-up truck.. I was told that I would recieve my part as soon as it was made and that would be about 2-3 weeks tops.. Well after 2-3 weeks I called and was told that the mold for the kit had broke and the whole thing had to made again, and it should be about another week which was the beginning of March.. from that day to this day which it is now May 4th I have not heard anything from Mr. Wes as he calls himself nor have I’ve gotten a refund.. I have called several times and have gotten that phone is temporarily out of order, then when you try again its back in service… I just called about 10 minutes ago and some pretend speaking spanish person answered… PLEASE BEWARE FOLKS this person is a complete FRAUD.. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER.. and the good reviews you hear are from no one but him putting them up, to lower people to his fraudualent business… DONT FALL FOR IT!!!

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