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The owner of Extreme Ninja in Medford who owns a franchise of iLoveKickboxing, was extremely rude, not helpful, unprofessional, and offended me, the customer, multiple times within 1 sentence today, 4/12/18, by saying: “Oh well I”m SORRY but ilovekickboxing did NOT know you were such a KICKBOXING EXPERT, so I can you the link to get your money BACK, you ordered through Groupon right??” First of all, I never said I was an Expert, I said that I have done kickboxing and boxing for years and found the 30 minute required WITH an appointment to be unnecessary and time consuming for me. The owner by the name of Ninja Nguyen not only unprofessionally offended me ON Purpose in front of his customer but started putting words in my mouth too. When I started corrected him, he ignored me while I was speaking to him and started talking to someone else. This was all done in an attempt to humiliate his customer for expressing dissatisfaction with the “rule” of having to make an appointment when convenient for Extreme Ninja to do a completely unnecessary 30 minute review on how to put gloves on!! Second of all, trying to embarrass customers in front of other customers does not serve well Extreme Ninja because instead of recommending them, I will warn people about the unprofessional, rude, and offensive remarks that they will deal with if they go to the Medford location!! Third of all, I didn”t sign up for kickboxing to make appointments that are convenient for Extreme Ninja!! I purchased the packet to start working out right away!!! Extreme Ninja told me that I have to wait till next week to make the appointment which renders this packet ineffective. Why wasn”t I told that I would need to accomodate the business to start working out?? I didn”t purchase the packet to make appointments, I purchased it to work out!! I had to call 3 times for appointments. Extreme Ninja did not call me until after a day of my purchase!! It says that the business will call right away, yet I had to wait over 24 hours for their call. That was unacceptable right there!!! Fourth, as the owner of an establishment and as an owner of a franchise like ilovekickboxing, Ninja Nguyen should have provided better feedback to me as the customer and to his staff to contact me sooner. Fifth, Ninja Nguyen has no right to offend me in front of his other customers when I express disatisfaction with the fact that his staff, including Him, consumed my time making appointments for a routine that I already know and have tought. Telling me in sarcastic tone that “he didn”t know you were such an expert”does not help a frustrated customer whose time has been wasted for days to start a workout. Instead of rectifying the situation, Extreme Ninja decided to offend me and then purposely ignored me while I was speaking. Sixth, Ninja Nguyen lied through his teeth, trying to look “good” in front of his other customer by putting words in my mouth and saying that I was “yelling” when I was speaking normally. Yes I was frustrated with the business telling me that they could not accommodate my availabilities until next week or potentially weeks from now. Of course!! Who purchases a workout packet to use weeks away? Certainly NOT me. It does not serve Ninja Nguyen well to be rude to other potential customers, by lying and putting words in a customer”s mouth. Seventh, I arrived 15 minutes prior to a 9:00am class, at 8:45am. Ninja Nguyen could have provided the options available to me instead of offending me which steered the conversation in an entire different direction. I spent an additional 5-10 minutes standing the humiliation of a business that does not only not respect its customers and potential customers, but offends them too!! That is unacceptable!!! Eighth, I didn”t go to the business to be insulted!! If the owner of a franchise has an imperative of offending customers, then customers need to be forewarned!! I took off work to go to a 9:00am to accommodate ilovekickboxing in Medford and this is how they treat their customer. Unacceptable!! Ninth, how would Ninja Nguyen feel if he decided to take a class for fun by another venture and they tell him that he needs to take a 30 minute class on how to kick?? I said to Ninja Nguyen that ilovekickboxing should have told customers that this kickboxing is solely for amateurs and that customers need to accommodate the business who owns ilovekickboxing!! This, in addition to other questions that I had, Nguyen misinterpreted and started putting words in my mouth. I corrected him and he still continued. That”s not acceptable, nor indicative of a professional business. Tenth, Nguyen did not answer any of my questions. Instead he misinterpreted the questions, offended me, was rude, disrespectful, and lastly purposely ignored me while I was speaking!! These were my questions when I arrived at 8:45am today at Extreme Ninja: 1) I”m here for the 9:00am class but couldn”t make it at 8:30am. Can I just take the class with 15 minutes on the clock, considering I have done kickboxing for years? 2) if not, then please refund me the money for the packet. When can this be done? Nguyen instead of addressing the first question, decided to insult me with his insults made at the beginning of this email. The second question was not answered by Nguyen. Instead he directed to the email address which he was reluctant to provide and asked staff member Zinka to write down. Zinka almost refused to write down the information. Great to see the lack of professionalism by ilivekickboxing. Please provide my money back ASAP. Thanks!!

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