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Image Motors

This dealer is awful. I bought a truck from them and paid over twenty grand for it. I was told everything on the truck was in tip top shape but I noticed that the key fob was missing and the emergency equipment was missing. The dealer agreed to get me this stuff if I bought it. I was assured that there was no problems with the truck and that their certified technician had went over it top to bottom. I bought the truck with little to no help from the sales staff. If I had a question about the truck to obtain financing I was always transferred around or told to come back to the shop later because someone wasn’t there. Just not good customer service. So I get the truck and drive it for less than two weeks and the diesel injection pump goes out. Dealer agreed to fix it and wanted to put a used pump in. I said I’d pay the difference because I wanted a new pump installed. So a week and five hundred dollars later I picked the truck back up and it was running very badly. Drove it for a few minutes and saw it was leaking diesel so I brought it back. They had it for about two weeks and said it was fixed. When I got it back it wasn’t running well and it had a remanufactured pump in it instead of the new one. I had also asked the dealer about fixing a oil leak in case I couldn’t and they agreed to then at this time I was given a unprogrammed key fob and a spare tire. Not the emergency kit they had promised. Still missing wrench and jack and handles etc. since I bought this I have had to, in a very short time, change the radiator, service the ac, change fuel injectors, my tail pipe fell off, ball joints were bad, tie rods had to be replaced, steering shock had to be changed. I noticed as well that the trailer hitch was bad. I thought that this was just too much for a truck that had just been gone over by a “certified” mechanic. I decided to reach out to the manager at the dealer for help. I would call about once a week and leave a mesage and would never get a return call. Recently I called and was told that the manager didn’t work there anymore and I was put in contact with a new manager. I explained that I bought this from them in good faith and it has been a disaster. I explained that there’s no way a ceritified mechanic went through this vehicle before I bought it. He defended the mechanic and told me I should’ve went over it myself. He told me there was nothing he was going to do for me at all. I was treated in the worst manner by him for bringing up my concerns. He even used profanity on the phone with me. I would advise anyone looking to buy a vehicle to look anywhere but here. This place doesn’t care at all for their customers. Their support level is zero and the quality of what they have for sale is questionable at best. Below is a list of what has failed on my truck before I made it through the first oil change. I’ll leave this review in hopes no one else makes a $20000 + mistake with image like I did. Tail pipe fell off Key fob missing Injection pump failed Ball joints fail Tie rod fail Steering shock fail Ac never worked Windshield wiper linkage broke Windshield wiper electrical system failed Emergency kit missing Diesel injectors failed Parking brake never worked Power mirrors don’t work Parts missing from truck bed

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