Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

While visiting me in the US to attend a wedding, my mother Betty Thomas (78yrs. old) brought her car with her. Before she could return to Canada, her tabs on her cars license plate(s) expired. Before they expired, we called ICBC and renewed the policy via phone. mail, and email. ICBC has received payment but has yet to provide the tabs. They say that they must have been lost in transit. They also said that a police report must be filed, another $18.00 paid and an alternate address provided to receive the tabs. We filed the police report (Case 17H2163), we provided the alternate address (1617 S. Keys road Yakima, WA. 98901). However; they are not going to extort another $18.00 from my mother for something they have yet to deliver. | Yes we understand that it is a government organization but they are using 3rd party agents to provide this service. Yes we understand that it is a monopoly but there are still laws that govern them. A monopoly is not allowed to involve abuse of dominance and non-price vertical restraints of trade, including exclusive dealing arrangements, territorial restraints or market restrictions, tying arrangements, and the refusal to supply a customer. I believe they meet the definition of breaking each of these provisions. If it wasn’t a government monopoly then my mother would have the option of doing business with another more reputable provider. But as it stand now, she has no other option but to file a complaint and pay what ever they want. If not then she can’t legally have her car driving on the road. Therefore she can’t even legally drive across the border. | The citizens of British Columbia have shown a great deal of disdain for ICBC and the abuse that they have reported to no avail. It would seem they want the freedom of choice returned to them. As the citizens of B.C. have shown they are responsible in holding up their end by keeping the vehicles licensed and insured, it would be a reasonable expectation that they should receive the services that they continue to pay a premium dollar for (more so it seems than any other province). If not then someone (like your organization) should at a minimum hold or them accountable or help return this responsibility back to those who have shown they can be responsible for securing their own insurance (the people of British Columbia).

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