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I had seen an offer on line for a free trial offer of Infinite Allure. Knowing there are companies that note in their policy that you will be sent more product, and billed if you do not cancel your subscription, I searched for their policy. There was no policy shown anywhere on their web site. Since they did not post a policy I figured it was a trial order and nothing more! so I ordered and gave my card number for the cost of “shipping.” The trial product had no manufacturers label. I tried it and found the product to be ineffective. | Today (10/25/2015) I received another shipment with a manufacturers label on the jar, but I didn’t order it. I immediately went to my bank to check my credit card account. In my account it showed A charge of $84.99 as “pending” and posted on 10/23/15. Besides that was a charge of around $81.00 for a product called Power Testro, a testosterone supplemen. I am a woman and have no use for testosterone. When I called the 1-877-977-2077 number they tried to tell me I had agreed to their policy. I advised them I was looking at the web site as we were speaking and there was no policy listed. I told them the product was ineffective and I didn’t want what they had sent me. I would send it back. They said there were to be no returns. Again, I stated that I did not order it and I did not want it. I told them I had advised the bank to not pay them. Then the operator told me what she would do for me, she would reduce the charge by 50%. Again I told them I did not like the product and would not pay anything and would send it back. Only after I said it was a scam and I had reported it to my bank did she say she was closing my account and I would not be billed. That is yet to be seen. | i don’t know how or why I was charged for the testosterone supplement but have advised my bank not to pay them either. I was also advised by the bank I would have to watch that account and call my bank when or if the charges leave “pending” and become an active charge due to receiving a firm bill. They could not cancel the charges until they leave the pending state. Now I’m a bit anxious as they have my credit card number and are billing me for other products (testosterone) I did not order or could not use. I’m afraid they may be up to no good. I don’t know who put the testosterone on my account but it does seem to be tied into the Infinite Allure as they are both billed to my same account.

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