This site is a scam for Prescription Drugs. Do not send money to Medical Payments | Medical Payments | 858 Third Avenue Suite 328 | Chula Vista, CA 91911 | It is so sad because I am a Vietnam veternan with 2 Purple Hearts that really needs pain medication. They Used to be They shut that site down and moved on to there newest scam site: I sent they over $500 not realizing they were the same people as Dr. Harris Online. I sent them $528 for a rush order and they never sent any prescition drugs and it has been over a month. | They have no phone number to call and then they will not reply to emails once they have your money. Somehow they are using a site called to process payments illegally. This Medical Payments website is a shell company to keep an arms length from the prescription drug websites that rip you off claiming to sell prescrition drugs. This Medical Payments site warns not to send money orders or western union that the money will end up in India. What kind of site has to say that? They are basically warning you that they are not a scam site yet these are same people who are talking money in and filtering it back to the drug sites!! THEY WILL NEVER PROCESS your order for the prescition drugs. They are both in bed together and are stealing money with money orders. They claim they just process payments and they have nothing to do with Prescription Drugs that will never be sent. What a genious SCAM. They keep processing payments for the next scam Prescrition Drug site which will keep changing their name once enough compaints are filed. The true site that needs to be shut down with them is THIS WILL PUT AN END TO THE BIG SCAM. The prescirtion Drug Sites just keep changes their domain and filtering money through Medical Payments in Chula Vista California. This address needs to be raided by the Postal Sevrice and shut down for Mail Fraud. They are felons. | I am begging the FBI, DEA, and Postal Inspectors to raid this address, these are serious criminals: | Medical Payments | 858 Third Avenue Suite 328 | Chula Vista, CA 91911 | They MUST NOT PROCESS PAYMENTS FOR FRAUD WEBISTES! They are in on the scam since they take money and do not care if the prescription drug sites ships anthing. When you ask them they say they have nothing to do with the prescrition drugs, they just process payments for these thugs. Give me a break. They need to wake up and stop pretending they do not know they are processing Money Orders for criminals. is a scam for Prescription Drugs. Do not send money to Medical Payments

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