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I became a customer of August 18,2018 and was told I would be able to receive low rate calls from my fiancé from jail using their service. I was also told they had a promotional low first time activation fee which the promotion was only goin on for a month and in order to receive promotion I would have to place my order that day this did not include the fee for the 3 month of service . I paid 69.00 and they sent me a number to give my fiancé to call for low rate service his call to the number would forward to my number so it worked 2 days and then the number stopped working. in short I ended up getting 4 different numbers from inmate call because they kept stopping working. I didn’t get full service I paid for because of that also the very next day they were sending invoices saying I was due and that I only paid for a month of service which is not true. | I paid for 3 months service and first time 1 hour activation which the activation was on promotion for that month. they refuse to see the invoice description stating that my service details is 3 months service and 1 hour activation . They have shut my service off and just kept my money they are a scam

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