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Stay away don”t buy it any thing from ““. There server(s) are like a fuzy creapy and there customer support is very very bad as well. Don”t Buy it any thing hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated servers. Why i said this ! Short and Abstract Point of view. 1) Sales agent just grabbing your money nothing else first they entertain like a fruits then its full hell. 2) Support is 0% 3) Server downtime is approx 82.5% which you lost your businesses and they claim that they provide 99.99% else refund. When i ask them and send the proof as well they said that this is not or TOC you will face it. (Means you always lose your [B][I]customers trust and businesses[/I][/B] which is the main key !) 4) Suspend website by showing me the log of google and moz log that they they are utilizing high number of resources (sounds like creepy). So alternatively they are saying that All Web Bots agent has been stopped or company stop those bots for inmotionshosting .;) haha. 5) They suspend the website the and i got the email that root has suspended and i called them after 1.5 hours hold they crepy support agent said hold more to talk to the support agent then i talk and they told me what is this website i said this is for Mobile Apps Automated marketing niche platform they said that there server facing lots of resources consumption i said ok just unsuspend it our developer panel will look into this in and hours and then correct it. They said ok and they suspend it. I said i have one more technical issue they said ok we will transfer your call HOLD A BIT i said ok they hold around more then 45 minutes i waited then in the mean time i received another email from there server department that your website is again suspended. I am shocked and after the support agent received the call i talk it that why they again suspend it they told me the same reason I said What the hell is this even i can”t open my website on the mean time with hardly 20 minutes they suspend it again and tell me and enforcing me to buy dedicated server i said why they said that there resources consumtion is so high and server is corrupt due to that i said gave me the log they said ok and they provide me the log for the google bots and moz bots … Stay away from inmotionhosting WHT review as well: Khurum Bajwa Business Development Manager at

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