innovation square n& Quality Merchant Pty Ltd

innovation square n& Quality Merchant Pty Ltd

This is a sequel report to report no: 1376883 for people to watch out-for-this previously bankrupted, tremendous influence & power wielding brazen liar tjhin franky Tf); with other similar names being the present owner of isquare, & quality merchant pty. Ltd and other websites. | As tf had sent me a blackmailing letter as detailed in rip-ref 1142794 through a lawyer for a million dollars; i needed to caution others of his deceitful and brazenly untruthful claims, complaints and false reports under different names such as franky tjhin and tjhin frankie with different photographs and now with no photograph on any of the three linkedin pages and misleading photographs of him on his three different facebook pages as well to lower the report appearances through his it experts who are offering us& 036; 8,000.00 to relegate googling appearances against his name or companies ;- | On searching fewer than three of his above names the following are the negative result urls’ | | 37;20tjhin&origin=global_search_header | 37;20frankie&origin=global_search_header | Do not those masquerade as others and have much to hide and mislead others as to their true identity refrain from having their photograph or use false or an old misleading photographs of them on the social network website? | He has called me a stalker for the following response of mine to one matthew on the url website he apparently owns as it was not published. | ““matthew | O 23rd may | O | I don’t understand how is claims they design and develop their own product. A quick look on ebay for massage chairs turns up a dozen competitors with the same products. Looks like they just source the cheapest **** from china and slap a yellow sticker on it. Unimpressive article – and the ceo mentions “overwhelming” response from social media… but their facebook page is less than populated. | Reply | O mal or mahuchandran spencer | O your comment is awaiting moderation. | O 13th april | O | The above is mostly if not mere cant and “tall talk” whereas as the reality of my experience with tjhin franky over the past nearly two years has been most disappointing and horrendous waste of time. Money and energy as i was duped by his colourful and misleading terms and conditions on his then website that he did not live up to and some he even changed for his advantage disadvantaging me during and over the purchase of a massage chair in june 2013. With some difficulty i got paypal to refund the cost of this item but when i tried to recover the return transport costs and technical report costs through the vcat, i met with much resistance; unfairness due to vcat’s either subservience to his influence or may have even been some form corruption of certain members from late 2013 to-date. | I state the above despite vcat’s rejection of his counter claim for the cost of item that that was refunded by paypal and he has refused to accept thrice from the interstate transport company and he even changed his business and store address during this ongoing saga that the transport company has stated it have sell the item to recover demurrage costs. | He has brazenly lied to the vcat and made many false the claims and defamatory remarks against me on another .com website and he is now in the process of trying to blackmail and extort money from me through his lawyer .Mark stanarevic of ms lawyers. The details comprising of over a hundred odd much inter and well spaced paragraphs and pages that are available on another the url | I am awaiting a response from the vic legal services board and commissioner regarding the conduct of his lawyer to escalate the matter the australian federal police” | Based on the four corners 7 fairfax journos report on 06th june 2017 | And as commented in the australian print media is to be observed as in the following url | I do most earnestly suspect that it was this type of power and influence that tf wielded through his family, community and business contacts that he was able thwart and frustrate the course of justice in being given much favored and preferential treatment through many postponements; removal of documents from me from the case file whilst duplicating and triplicating documents from tf’s chinese seller. The hearing member r buchan’s refusing to accept e-documents submitted by me in a usb drive by hand with only one other person who came with me being present in the court other above mentioned only hearing member. The vcat despite there being no provision in law or practice of the tried to even bully me into trying to adjudicate the money refunded to me by paypal that i had to oppose it through several email letters to the vcat that may now have been destroyed by them though i will have them. | Further the hearing member robert buchanan even allowed tf an audio appearance minimizing tf’s talking and acting as tf’s defense council even though the rules required tf’s physical presence. Through such modus-vivendi tf did not have pay for my technical report and "palate grove blue" massage chair returned transport costs of almost & 036;700.00.Ars. It is due to such corrupt influence and power used by tf at that the vcat that he has emboldened him to aggressively make these psychopathic demands for a million dollars and try to harass me by submitting false and fraudulent reports and claims under false names though in the later he has being forced take ownership thanks to some good from report | Based on my above interactions and experiences with him and one matthew’s above comments that go to belie much of his fake, bumptious, exaggerated and boastful propagandizing claims without any discernible academic and/or tertiary education qualifications to be seen anywhere over the web. The following was found on his default chinese business website claims that i have translated on the website itself and copied below as evidence that tf is heading on a reckless course that is going to cause much losses to people who will have any dealings with him and that he has to be marked and tagged as to be handle with much care to minimize one’s multifarious losses and degradation:- | 37;e4& 37;b8& 37;93& 37;e8& 37;ae& 37;bf& 37;ef& 37;bc& 37;8cfranky-tjhin& 37;ef& 37;bc& 37;8cinnovation-square/ | “"look at china" interview: because there is a dream so do not throw in the towel – fanky tjhin and emerging businessmen innovation square growth trip | Australia see china february 24, 2014 21:55 46 views | In 2009, franky tjhin accumulated millions of assets in a few years in the financial crisis swept through the world overnight, had a thriving online shopping company had to declare bankruptcy liquidation, but failed did not extinguish his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. The indonesian-born indonesian guy made a new comment on the retail business of online retailing in the growth of the second company, innovation square. | As a high-end consumer goods manufacturers and importers, innovation square in the past 2 years with high prices of products and quality customer service is quietly changing the market structure. More and more consumers found that with 3,000 yuan can be obtained with the million on the product comparable to the quality and service, the company’s bigger and bigger, the business category from the massage chair, massage bathtub extended to the electric scooter, snowboard, and ready to enter the high-end furniture market. | Franky tjhin said, innovation square business model is actually very simple, is to use the price advantage to share high-end luxury consumer goods market. The company provides design commissioned by the manufacturer to streamline the intermediate links from the manufacturer to the consumer to cut costs so that consumers can pay for ex-factory prices and enjoy high quality products and services. Different from the first venture, he joined the new core elements after the failure, learned to slow down the pace of solid foundation, learned to fine win. In the era of online shopping popular, innovation square’s success at the same time confirms the traditional business wisdom: sincere hospitality, intentions to do every simple and elegant links, in the details to create extraordinary. | Looking back the way, franky tjhin summed up his growing keywords into passion, team and learning, and he was grateful for his father’s influence, family support and predecessors. On the first grade in the university on the online shop reveals a sunny and energetic young people, the entrepreneurial power from the natural dignity, and the true meaning of which is in the actual after the tempered only after comprehend. | | Franky tjhin | Reporter: can you talk about your entrepreneurial experience? | Franky tjhin: my first business was to sell reversing radars on ebay online 11 years ago when i was a freshman at the university. At that time the reversing radar also belongs to the relatively luxury high-end accessories, sales in the car line unit price generally around & 036; 500. I would like to be able to find a cheaper supply? After searching online and contacting the overseas manufacturer, it was pleasantly surprised to find that it would be possible to buy a similar product for & 036; 20. I ordered 100 for the first time in the online price of 400 australian dollars to sell, and soon all sold out. | In this way, i only developed a very profitable market with & 036; 3,000, and the sales grew rapidly. I started to partner with college graduates who had not yet worked and extended their goals to more high-margin consumer goods, including dvd players, handmade products and so on. We found overseas manufacturers to lower prices, with 20& 37; profit margin resale, operation was very successful, in three years the value of assets accumulated to 5 million. | By the 2009 financial crisis, we rented a 1,000 square meters of large warehouse, as the product in short supply, began pre-sale, the first money and then delivery. Many customers in advance to pay the deposit, mostly waiting for the full payment. What we see is growth and is unprepared for possible crises. When the financial crisis broke out, the australian dollar fell sharply, which means that our order costs rose twice, at the same time, the sharp decline in demand, because the stall shop too much, we have to pay a lot of management costs, and ultimately had to liquidation bankruptcy. | I spent a whole year paying off all my debts and summoned the courage to start again. I realized that the first failure was due to the lack of a good foundation in the case of excessive growth, did not establish a risk response mechanism, so the second venture to be extra careful. In 2010, i started selling online dvds with high demand products, starting from a very small scale, basically followed the first pattern, but this time i had a sense of risk, learned to reinforce the foundation and then expand the scale, so the development of very smooth. | In 2012, i persuaded my brother tonny to join. We found the high-end massage chair market opportunities, began in the innovation square platform production and sales massage chair. Tonny worked as an australian sales manager at kogan, australia’s largest online retailer, with a lot of valuable experience and skills. Together we made the innovation square today, and now our annual turnover has been over ten million. | Reporter: what are the competitive advantages of the innovation square relative to peers? | Franky tjhin: our business model is simple to say, is to ex-factory price to provide high-quality products, price advantage to share high-end luxury consumer goods market. We design through the commission processing, cutting from the production to the hands of consumers in multiple links, in ensuring the quality of the premise of the cost of compression, so that consumers benefit. At the same time, we mainly to network marketing, which also saves a lot of money. | To high-end massage chair, for example, from the manufacturers to consumers before, usually through the wholesalers, distributors, retailers, each link with 20& 37; of the profits, consumers have to pay the price of a lot of money. And our model is commissioned by overseas manufacturers according to our design requirements processing production, in the innovation square or is brand directly sold to consumers, where the traditional retailers priced 8,000-11,000 massage chair, we only need 3,000 yuan, and the quality of performance is not a discount, and some even better. In addition, we also provide five years of home repair service, lifted the customer’s worries. | Unlike most online retailers, we focus on high-end consumer goods markets and are not greedy, but want to win and ensure that they are experts in every market. Innovation square has a holistic advantage, so there is no fear that our business model will be replicated. We are not afraid of competition. The more intense the competition, the greater the market potential. In fact, there is such a situation, but the results make us more popular. Because we have a lot of effort in every link to ensure that the best, not only to find the market blank launch of the right products, but also to know how to marketing and presentation; not only know how to serve customers, but also to know how and health companies to maintain relations; but also do a good job of logistics and supply management to ensure timely delivery of products. These are our core competitiveness. | Reporter: what is the biggest challenge when the innovation square is getting started? How to overcome it? | Franky tjhin: the biggest challenge for new businesses is branding and visibility. Many people have just started to worry about the price we are so favorable, but after the purchase of quality and service are very satisfied. Our business philosophy is that customers regardless of size, must be 100& 37; to ensure that they get the most professional and most intimate service, even if the product is not in the shelf life, but also to help them solve every problem. Gradually formed a reputation effect, there are many customers from other states fly to sydney’s warehouse display center to buy. In this way, we do not have a long time to establish a good reputation, the company’s development is also very stable. | Cash flow is also a lot of new business is facing the main problem, which is particularly prominent in the retail industry. My principle is to ensure that the product turnover rate, any product sales cycle are controlled within 1 month, up to no more than 2 months. So i will be very careful to study the market, to ensure that the products sell well. Occasionally can not be sold in time, we would rather sell through the price or even loss as soon as possible clearance. | Reporter: your experience is very inspiring for many young entrepreneurs. Can you stand up from failure and get today’s success, what is your secret? | Franky tjhin: the first is the passion for innovation. I like to solve the problem, like to try new things and new methods, and also like to communicate with people. At the same time i am eager to return to society, this is the driving force of my business. | My father can be said to be my earliest entrepreneur, his business experience and enthusiasm gave me a lot of encouragement. He started from scratch in indonesia, founded a lot of business, involving different industries. It is from him, i learned how to find market opportunities, how to manage and operate the business. I often ask myself, my father has no money i can do so successful, i have no reason to do it? | The second point is to build a good team, do not need big, but to be efficient and efficient. I give myself the position is to let each team members to the best potential to play out, our management is based on communication and incentives. I communicate with them every day, understand their situation to encourage them, and give timely feedback on their performance. | There is a very important point is good at learning. I like to read a lot of successful entrepreneurs book, get a lot of inspiration, of course, everyone’s experience is different, you need to learn to learn the most suitable for your part. At the same time, but also to find an experienced and willing to help your mentor, they will not only give a lot of suggestions, and often at a critical moment to give you very valuable advice. My experience is that once you have chosen the mentor you trust, it is necessary to listen to their caution, otherwise it is likely to fall a big somersault. | Finally, when faced with setbacks, it is important to overcome the emotions, rationally see the problem, as soon as possible to solve, and to look forward. | Reporter: can you tell us about innovation square’s development plan? | Franky tjhin: we are now upgrading our website to make it a powerful trading platform, which is the biggest challenge we are currently facing. Our goal is to let more people know our own website, and through its complete product promotion, purchase to the whole process of the transaction. | In the long run, we want innovation square to be among the largest high-end consumer goods retailers in australia. At the same time, i hope to be able to set up a charity to better contribute to society.”

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