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While shopping for health insurance online, I received a call from Insurance Marketplace. I had been getting calls several times a day, blocked the number, but they kept leaving assertive voice mails twice daily. I finally answered the phone today and talked with a young lady about my coverage needs. | After taking all mine and my family’s personal info, she asked about income and how much we could afford. I am newly employed again after several years. We have been on Medicaid for 2 years. The only policy available to me is a high salary, key employee plan. I signed up for it, but do not want to have it forever. I plan to change during re-enrollment. | The young lady’s tone changed and she threatened to turn me in to TennCare since I make money now. We aren’t even using it right now. She then said she can’t guarantee prices as far off as November or January. I told her I had gotten a quote from US Health Advisors for a Cigna PPO that can guarantee the rate for 15 months and then only a 10% increase. [continued below]….

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