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I discovered in August 2016 that Constellation as my electric supplier had over charged me beginning back in December 2015. I have a letter stating the price for electric for 12 months beginning 12/11/2015 would be $0.0614 per kWh. My bills going back to December 2015 show .0849000 as the amount they did charge. I called their toll free number (888) 340-2017 and spoke to Jessica who is still there. Explained what happened. She looked at something in computer and said there does seem to be an error. She said she had to forward on to another department and I should hear something within a couple of weeks. I was issued a ticket number 10847225. | She did eventully contact me and left a message stating that there had been an error and they would be calculating the overage I paid and contact me. More time went by and I have a note I called on 10/10/16 at which time it appears on my notes I spoke to a Lindsey who I am told is no longer with the company. She also said it appeared the matter had been sent on for calculation of the amount I was to be refunded. | My notes indicated I made another call around 10/20/2016 and spoke to Brian who gave me the figure of $187.79 I was overcharged and it appeared the error happened or they said it happened when there was a switch from one “system” to another! I believe he is the one who told me I would be sent a check. | On 11/11 I called again and spoke to Beth. She opened a new ticket 11094184. Advised that I was told incorrectly that I would receive a check. The refund had to go back through AEP and be applied to my account with them to be applied against any balances owed to AEP. After checking with AEP and learning that no money had been put into my AEP account I contaced the PUCO and spoke to Sherrie Wiget, Customer Service Investigator. She opened a Case ID PTAR11516FM and told me she would investigate and they had to allow 3 business days for a reply. | When I heard back from Sherrie she said Constellation was to be putting the credit into their system to go to AEFP as a credit to my account. Sherrie had received a copy of the “Refund Breakdown” as stated on Constellations letterhead showing the amount overcharged each month from December 15, 2015 through October 12, 2016. I asked her to send me a copy and she did. She suggested I wait a few days and call AEP to see if credit had reached my account. I did not wait, I called AEP and spoke to a representatinve and hed her read through the notes that had been made each time I called AEP. She said when the credit showed up, if there was any amount owed it would be applied first to that bill and then the remainer could be returned in the form of a credit card to me. She told me to wait until a couple days before my bill was due on 11/30 to see if credit had posted. | I was on vacation beginning 11/26, but made several calls to AEP while away each time being told there was no credit. One representative connected me with Ohio Choice but they said they couldn’t do anything until credit arrived at AEP. On Dec 9th I called Constellation again and talked to Jessica again and asked for a supervisor and was told that someone named Mike from Finance would call me back but never did. I demanded I receive a call back by 12/12 which never happened. I called the PUCO back on 12/5 and talked to Cindy who said she would pass along to Sherrie. Today I talked to Michael Cody at PUCO who reiterated calls to AEP and Constellation done by Sherrie but both AEP and Constellation always get 3 days to repoly. I did get another address for Constellation 1221 Lamar Street, Suite 750, Houston, TX 77010. Sherrie just called me back to say Constellation is now saying again that they are sending the credit to AEP as soon as the Dec bill is posted which I believe is today but this is the same thing they said last month and it never happened. Apparently there is no penalty for whatever crimes these suppliers want to commit. I believe that I should have some additional money coming to me as interest for them stealing my money, continuing to lie and steal from customers and the pure criminal behavior being commited by these suppliers. As of 5:25 PM December 13th, 2016 I have not received my long overdue over payment!

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