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From my bank account: | 11/27/17 – purchased authorized on 11/24 idigital-Content-8 Httpsidigital CA S387325855039140 card 1833 $ 47.00 | 11/27/17 – Interactive Bus ACH Debit 171127 5200207066 Catherine Vander $ 1,500.00 | 01/05/18 – Interactive Bus ACH Debit 180105 5200328181 Catherine Vander $ 100.00 | The 24th of November 2017, I joined an Internet Marketing business and paid $ 47.00. I forgot their name, it could be Click Funnels. | On their website I was urged to contact my helper or manager. I did. | There was no help, instead an other Co.’s salesperson, a real professional. He knew exactly what to say, promise, how to act. His name: Frank | Schoonmaker – tel. 702-425-1332 ext.108, email: The new price would be: $ 3,500.00. I told him I didn’t have that kind of money, I am retired and 75 yrs old. Well, my bank account was taken apart – so to speak. He would take $ 1,500 (after consulting his boss: Mr. Jones). He said when you make money you can turn in some money to cover for the difference. | I think I talked 3 times with a teacher (3X half an hour). Once we missed a call because of time zone confusion. I asked to skip Christmas time and the last time I missed because I forgot we had changed the regular day. | After they took out the $ 100.00 I contacted them to explain that this job was not for me, that I wanted out. I can not afford it, I didn’t make any money. | Dave, Client Relations Manager, called me and basicly said that I was stuck with it. He said I took out a loan and have to pay it back. | When all that was going on, I remembered in August 2010, the Co. by the name of PMI, Professional Marketing International trapped me with the same thing. The price at that time was $ 8,000.00. The name Mike Wood, Senior Advisor appears on this Co.’s website. I stayed with them until I found a job. I was never reimbursed.

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