International Cannagraphic Magazine

International Cannagraphic Magazine

Watch out for deceitful drug dealers on IC Mag cannabis forums distributing fake Moloka’i Frost seeds. A user who calls himself “TheFlyinHaWyn!” began telling a tall tale that he had some seeds from Moloka’i (“TheFlyinHaWyn!” is not even Hawaiian — notice the use of “The” rather than local style “Da” along with misspelling “Hawaiian” — Hawaiian Language was outlawed until the 1970’s & misuse of Hawaiian Language is highly discouraged). | He claimed it was an old Moloka’i strain. In fact “TheFlyinHaWyn!” purchased a strain named Hawaiian Snow by Greenhouse Seeds & began breeding Hawaiian Snow while calling it Moloka’i Frost. The old Moloka’i Hash line he is attempting to impersonate with Hawaiian Snow by Greenhouse Seeds is a heavy Hawaiian Indica line. | The fake Moloka’i Frost displays Sativa dominant phenotypes? The fake Moloka’i Frost line is unstabilized. All different phenotypes come out of the seeds. Old Hawaiian lines are stable with very little phenotype variation. The Moloka’i Frost on IC Mag is a FAKE! It is really Hawaiian Snow by Greenhouse Seeds. | The scammer who passed out all the fake Moloka’i Frost seeds did not foresee Cannabis Genome sequencing arriving in the future to catch him in his crimes. Greenhouse Seeds has been winning Cannabis Cup awards for Hawaiian Snow since they released the strain in 2003.

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