Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc. (IMPS)

Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc. (IMPS) Review

I drive a semi truck cross country for a living. I own my truck and have been driving for 29 years. I currently have one minpin that travels with me. During this past winter I left my dog with my mom. Mom bonded with her,and after winter was over mom didn’t want me to take her back on the road. So I had an idea to adopt a dog from IMPS internet minpin service. I filled out there application,answered the questions honestly,I also provided them with my dogs current vet and previous vets names and phone numbers. There was a woman in Lexington KY that had a blue female minpin for adoption,I contacted her wanting to meet the dog, after the 3rd day I received a text ( AFTER TAKING IN LENGTH WITH MY HUSBAND WE FEEL THAT THE DOG WOULDN’T MAKE A GOOD TRUCK DRIVING DOG) they also stated ( IF SHE EVER GOT AWAY FROM YOU,YOU WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO CATCH HER) I guess they don’t know what a collar and leash is. Her profile also stated that she rode well in the car. | So,I found another female minpin in South Carolina, after a few days I received another text (DUE TO OUR INVESTIGATION WE’VE FOUND THAT YOUR DOG isn’t up to date on her shots and isn’t on any heart worm prevention) That was a complete LIE!! I don’t like to be lied on or descriminated against. But evidently the people is this organization does just that. | I texted the woman back (I DON’T KNOW WHO CONDUCTS YOUR SO CALLED INVESTIGATIONs BUT MY DOG NOT HAVING HER SHOTS CURRENT AND NOT ON HEART WORM MEDS IS A TOTAL LIE!) The regional coordinator then contacted me stating that she didn’t like her people being harassed and if I had her health records,then I needed to send them. I called the vets and asked if anyone from IMPS had called asking about my dogs records, I was told NO ONE HAD CALLED FROM IMPS. Humm,so I asked the current vet to email my dogs records to the regional coordinator; and they did. Still nouthing,well I came to the conclusion that these people don’t like truck drivers to adopt the dogs. Oh but the coordinator told me no we don’t.WE LET A TRUCK DRIVER ADOPT A DOG AND HE WASN’T HAPPY WITH THE DOG BECAUSE IT KEPT PEEING ON HIS BED. Well maybe he was one of these driver that didn’t like to stop,maybe the dog didn’t like him. I’ve never had an animal pee on my bed. And she also told me (OUR PEOPLE USE THERE OWN DESCRETION AND CAN REFUSE ANYONE FROM ADOPTING A DOG)yea, based on your profession and lies made up from our agency, that’s an adequate description of how I was treated. | I’ve had my dog on the truck since she was 3 months old. My dog is my best friend,she comes to work with me,we eat together,she sleeps in my bed. We have adventures meeting other trucker dogs seeing other animals along the road,she comes exploring with me on trails. And this dog has everything including medical care. I’ve dropped my trailer several times just to get her to a vet. I even took her to an animal eye specialist in AZ ( she has dry eye syndrome) and had white spots on her eyes. Well I wanted another dog and found a minpin on creigslist. This dog is 4years old,within 1week I got her to a vet, tested for heartworms (negative)microchiped and put on heartguard. She is very sweet but has no training. I’ve been working with her,she’s smart and has learned a few commands. And she’s never pee,d on my bed. Just because I drive a semi truck doesn’t meen I’m a bad pet owner. I keep my truck clean,I’ve got throw rugs down,and I also keep the dogs clean. | Not being given a chance and lied on just because of my profession was totally wrong. This newest dog is a good watchdog,she likes to lay on my dash,thats carpeted and looks around watching other drivers.

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