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Failure to communicate reasonably or at all regarding matters relative to a written warranty claim. INDS is guilty of shenanigans. I have been trying to work with this company since shortly after I purchased a warranty from them. The company has been leading me on, trying anything to get me off the phone or to confuse me in such a way that I would have no response since I’m not a mechanic for a living. When my mechanic calls them to talk he also gets a cold shoulder or any number of other outcomes. On more than one occasion we were given different reasons that the claim was being denied. In November of 2015 we were told coverage was denied because the shop acted without contacting them first or keeping them in the loop in such a way that the claim was denied. My mechanic however was given a different reason for non coverage. My mechanic stated they verbalized not wanting to cover the damage as INDS had attributed the cause of failure to head gasket/s which are not covered by the warranty as written. From my mechanics stand point they basically put words in his mouth. Karob (the mechanic) claimed that the head gaskets were replaced within the repair but so were many other gaskets. These gaskets come in a kit & need to be changed due to a certain degree of break down & or due to consequential damages rather then the head gasket being the cause of failure, which does NOT occur. Head gasket failure on almost every vehicle in history is a consequential to overheating caused by any number of possible causes. Head gaskets being the cause of failure is completely unfounded. INDS never stated in writing or officially why the claim was denied. Karob stated they refused accept his repair order or even look at it. Karob asked for them to state any or all of their reasons behind refusal in writing for the record. They refused to do this for both Karob & myself. You would think this would not be too much to ask for a paying customer. When the arbitration letter was sent in we were told by one rep that it was received. Another representative (Grave Love) stated she had not received the letter after someone in a different department already acknowledged receipt of the arbitration request. We were told to resend the letter to proceed with the arbitration case. We have great notes regarding this & similar shenanigan attempts performed by INDS over the course of this transaction. I followed up by leaving a message with the rep that claimed the letter was received simply stating the Mrs. Love had not yet received the letter & asking for her to please walk a copy of the letter over to her cubical. I also left a message with Mrs. Love stating that a representative already received the letter & that she would be getting another copy of the letter from her coworker. Mrs. Love called me back on April 13th 2016 very upset to say “if I was going to be involved in the claim or testifying at arbitration she would no longer speak to me. I explained that Mrs. Brooks specifically asked me to call regarding technical questions that Grace had asked her. I explained that Mrs Brooks stated she had made it clear she was not a mechanic & that technical feedback could not be provided by her directly. Grace Love said she would not talk to me anymore & was confused on why I was getting involved. The following morning the shop received 3 calls from 1-678-894-3500 & 07:20 am & 07:21 & 07:59 PST. A few things are suspicious here. First we don’t open until 09:00 PST which our message states immediately. Second why did they call three times & so close together. They also did not call us back when we were open. Third they did not leave a message but accounted for over a minute of dead time on our answering machine at which time not one word was said. Fourth later that day I called back & talked to Adam who did not know why they called us but could see that it took place. I advised that this felt like some mixed signals as their team had already broke communication with me, but here we are the next day first thing in the morning I’m getting calls from the same company.Lots of neg reviews online.

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