Intuit, Inc.

Intuit, Inc.

TurboTax notified me they made a calculation error one month after I was paid $892 by the state. When I resubmitted per instructions, I owe $711. I filed my 2018 taxes on 1/16/19 using TurboTax FreeFile. My submission was accepted and the state direct deposited $892 (2018 refund) into my checking account on 2/20/19. | On 3/20/19, I received an email from TurboTax admitting a calculation error on their part (Oregon Schedule OR-A). They advised me to resubmit my 2018 state taxes. When I submitted the amended return, I then owed $711 that I no longer had since it had been 1 month since the state paid me. | I called TurboTax the same day (3/20/19) to get more information as to why the calculation error happened and more importantly, why I was notified so late. Please note that my boyfriend, Korbin Stein, filed his taxes with the TurboTax Free-file on 1/16/19 and received a TurboTax “calculation error” email on 1/31/19 (nearly 2 months prior to my miscalculation email was received). | The email advised him that TurboTax made a calculation error and that he would need to resubmit. He resubmitted before the state paid him, so his refund was corrected and he doesn’t owe. Both of the error calculation emails we received both mention “Oregon Schedule OR-A”, but are worded slightly different and are from 2 different email addresses (his was from [email& 160;protected]; my email was from [email& 160;protected]). | This confirms these emails were mailed out separately, and I still haven’t gotten a reason as to why I wasn’t notified within the same timeframe as Korbin Stein. I have these email copies to provide. I called TurboTax back on 4/10/19 and spoke to a Tier I representative (Tamilia) who agreed this was an unusual and a rare occurrence (she had never heard of this before) and that this issue deserved special treatment.

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  1. Jani Tycer
    June 17, 2020
  2. Chantelle Smeathers
    June 17, 2020
  3. Melanie Gruhn
    June 17, 2020

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