Invest Four More

Invest Four More

We signed an agreement with Invest Four More on a startup spec home in exchange for the sale of our current home. They specifically requested their money in a cashier check form which we gave instantly. We did all that we were advised to from utilizing their lending organization to listing our home with one of their brokers. No place in the agreement does it say we have 30 days to have an agreement on our current home, yet demanded it’s in there and they needed to pull out. We were requested to sign our termination with them, which we did, and we were told our cash will be discharged. A week later, we called our business delegate to see the status of our refund. He was informed that it would take 1 month and a half to to get our money back which we believe is inadmissible! They needed their cash immediately, yet we can’t have our own. Invest Four More (Mark Ferguson) is exceptionally amateurish, and tricky in the way they handle things.

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