Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain

THOMAS DO (Sales Rep – located in Pico Rivera, Ca) is internally, FINANCIALLY RAPING Iron Mountain and making their Secure shredding unit look bigger than what it really is. He is inputting fradulent information into the company’s CRM. Shareholders and investors are investing into a HOUSE OF CARDS. Put, Iron Mountain Secure shredding is in the RED (see Wiki online). Customers BEWARE of doing business with THOMAS DO. He is a SCAM ARTIST. He’ll make you sign paperwork then add his own writing/typing onto the contracts, and customers will never know about what they truly signed; plus get STUCK into a contract that they never get out of. IRON MOUNTAIN SECURE SHREDDING IS A PHONY BUSINESS on the inside. They company is too big to notice these things because certain people in the company are ALLOWING this to happen because their intentions are to make their secure shredding unit LOOK big, but it’s really not. | CUSTOMERS, please GOOGLE “Iron Mountain Secure Shredding” and read about the OTHER complaints.

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