IronPlanet, Inc.

IronPlanet, Inc.

We would like you to add the following companies to the Top Ripp-off Links list. Iron Planet, Ritchie Brothers, and Sunbelt Rentals. | Sunbelt Rental misrepresented their product that was for sale on the Iron Planet Auction site. | On the 9th of January 2020 we won two individual bids from Iron Planet who were selling for Sunbelt Rentals. | We won two bids Item 3093082 and Item 3093281 which are two identical 18ft 2016 Shifta Transfer Coneyers. One had a bad motor which we were okay with. The other had a good motor which we understood. The seller used a phrase stating item was not operationally checked, but if you are in a rental business selling a piece of equipment at an auction you must know the shape of said item being sold. So why did they go to great lengths to misrepresent their product. | We shopped with Iron planet because we seen they were affiliated with Ritchie Brothers whom are a well known auction company. So you would think they would represent the product for what it truly is. Auction company is there so the buyer knows what they are purchasing not for the customer to be decieved. Their viewers rely on auction company to represent product for what its worth. | When bidding on these items before and during the auction not once did they mention these elevators were left under water for some time which caused all the electrical to fail along with the motors. All bearings and rollers are rusted and ceased up. | Seems to me they went to a lot of trouble to take pictures of the serial numbers making sure they didn’t show the exposed cut wiring. This is apparently where someone tried to fix it at one point and figured out it was not worth it. We just spent $8,485.40 plus freight fees of $1,500. I feel now all we have at the moment is $9,985.40 worth of scrap metal and two rubber belts.

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