Irregular Goods

Irregular Goods

I needed some items for a special LGBT event. I checked into links that provided merchandise for special events. Because of all the fraud on line, I researched companies that the website claim to be partnered (Cafe Press, Time for Peace, etc.) and all of them seemed to be legitimate, so I purchased the items. I received an email confirmation with an order number, but never the product. I followed up with the other sites and no one has any record that I purchased the item, although I was charged for them. The charges were handled through Paypal and shows up on my bank statement. The only contact information on the site led me to Cafe Press, but they claim they don’t have any record of my purchase. I have a copy of the website, a copy of my purchase from the company Irregular Goods, and a copy of my bank statement showing that Paypal took the money out of my account. I have emails from Cafe Press that shows that they do have not any record of my purchase yet they continue to let this website list them as a partner. I can’t provide a number as the only number I have is for Cafe Press, and the number listed on my bank statement is for Paypal: 402-935-7733. I demand Refund. I don’t recommend them

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