IRS Investigator

IRS Investigator

Received a call from 347-851-7528, which I rejected because it was unknown, but after their 4th attempt, I thought it was important. He identified himself as an IRS representative and that he also represented the department of homeland security. Notified me that there was an arrest warrant just issued for me. As I was online, I checked my local police department, and there waqs no report/warrant with the reference number he mentioned. I then proceeded to ask some details from him about the mailings and notices they had sen, including the address they had sent them to. When he identified an address that I have not lived at in 14years, I knew it was a scam. I told him he was a scam artist, to which he began to swear prolufically. I said he was busted and he hung up. Please beware, they are scamming for some information from you

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Chuck Fairbanks Chevrolet Do not buy a vehicle here and certainly do not go here for repairs.VERY Poor Customer Service DeSoto bodyshop

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Bought the phone in April and had problems from beginning. Changing wallpaper, homescreen, wouldn”t fingerprint lock. Etc. Took it