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“Why continue to struggle alone?” Often we need expert guidance to accomplish our goals. My holistic, non-judging, compassionate, realistic approach helps you break free from the past and unhealthy behaviors. Cllients report feeling an increase in confidence, self control, well-being and improved relationships. I have successfully assisted others in the many life challenges, anxiety, fears(flying, driving), trauma, depression, addictions(alcohol, drugs, sex, weight/body), co-dependency. Visit for a FREE mind makeover(10 min mp3/pdf) to decrease stress and calm your emotions today.In collaboration we find the best approaches for your personality and life situation. The tools MAY include breath work, Cognitive behavioral, hypnosis, regression, meditation, mindfulness, tapping(EFT), customized mp3’s. Anxiety and Weight loss, body issues is a specialty… check out for my weight loss Book and program.Originally from Ireland with 25 years experience, having counseled in Northern Ireland, England, Connecticut and Florida. Providing understanding, acceptance and practical professional expertise to your unique situation makes rapid change possible. I am dedicated, passionate and honored to assist in helping adults make lasting transformation.

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