IT EYE Global Software Solutions

IT EYE Global Software Solutions

Vishi Singh of IT EYE GLOBAL Software Solutions is a liar. Liar, liar, pants on fire. He says that xyLOGIX, LLC is a fraud and that Brian Hart, its CEO Is a fraud. What he did not say is that we contracted him to provide us IT services and he did not provide the services due to a number of factors, including issues with persistently faulty Internet connections. I pay my vendors on time, every time. It is Vishi who lies and says slanderous things about companies on the Internet. Everything I say here can be backed up by paperwork. | On 8 September 2016, xyLOGIX, LLC entered into a contracting arrangement with Vishi Singh of IT EYE GLOBAL Software Solutions to provide us with technology solutions. We contracted with Mr. Singh on several occasions, and I personally have worked with Mr. Singh on many occasions. | Vishi Singh vended to us a WordPress developer who then worked with us for 2-3 months and provided excellent service. We paid Mr. Singh for the WordPress developer’s service. Then an additional contract was done with Mr. Singh for the provision of an Online Marketing Specalist (OMS) to work with us. | Upon beginning his relationship with us, Mr. Singh was educated about a provision in our vendor contract that states the CEO reserves the right to refuse payment to vendors if services rendered is not satisfactory. The OMS began working with us and diligently clicked on links to send our marketing materials out. | The OMS was tasked to do this for 6-7 hours per day. We have a tracking database that logs the links the OMS clicks on. Our database initially showed evidence of the OMS’ performance as called for by the contract. Then, after a period of time working with us, it became evident that there would be chunks of hours going by where the OMS was not clicking on any links. We hired the OMS as our employee and our marketing efforts were severely curtailed. | When this was brought to Mr. Singh’s attention, he informed xyLOGIX that the OMS was experiencing persistent Internet outage issues on his side. We told Mr. Singh that this is unacceptable for us, as we need to work with a vendor that has a reliable Internet connection, as called for in the contract and the job description. | For the lack of ability to perform, and for the nonperformance by the OMS of the OMS’ job duties as clearly evidenced by our database, we terminated our relationship with IT EYE GLOBAL Software Solutions and also refused payment, on the basis of us not receiving the requested services.

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