J. Rod Martin

J. Rod Martin

On June 5, 2011 our house at 213 Ridge One Circle, Hot Springs, AR 71901, suffered significant hail and tornado damage as did many of the other neighbors. On June 13, 2011 State Farm inspected and presented on June 18, 2011 the estimate for repair (attached). My husband and I found a contractor Greg Dickerson and Bruce Best of Greg’s Roofing and Siding aka Greg’s Seamless Guttering and Roofing. The total damage State Farm estimated, which, not only included the roof but awnings, doors, windows etc was $10,716.40 USD. | We hired the above mentioned contractor and they finished the work. Due to their faulty work our bathroom ceiling and the living room ceiling are leaking and have been now for seven years, since they did the work, creating significant damage. My husband passed away last year so, I found a recommended and highly reputable, roofing firm, Triple PPP Roofing LLC, to come see what the problem was, because my husband had the records from the above contractor and I didn’t remember or have the records or even know their name. | Triple PPP came out, inspected and said the problem without doubt, is that the flashings were never replaced and should have been and that the old ones were nailed through which is the cause of a slow leak over the last seven years. They also stated a roofer that would not replace flashings much less nail through old ones, is either incompetent or unethical. State Farm Agreed. | In fact, I’ve brought this up to State Farm and they said this is clear insurance fraud, since the contractor was paid, fully per the estimate which included but not limited to, replacing all flashings with: | R & R Neoprene pipe jack flashing for metal roofing. | R & R Skylight flashing kit-dome-Large-High grade. | R & R Chimney flashing-large (32” x 60”). | A week or so after contacting Triple PPP Roofing, State Farm found the records and the name of the former contractor, (Greg’s Roofing and Siding aka Greg’s Seamless Guttering and Roofing). My son called them to explain the problem. He spoke to the owner, Greg Dickerson who was rude and claimed no responsibility but after arguing with him, said he’d send someone out. | Finally, Bruce Best came out after a week or more of no shows, not returning calls etc and he had a roofer by the name of Maury with him. They agreed the problem was the flashings, that were nailed through and that they should have been replaced when the job was done in 2011. Please note their repair estimate gives a 30 year warranty. | State Farm also said, that they always, pay extra, if a roofer sees a problem unnoticed by them and that they know will surely cause a future problem and also that its common knowledge to contractors, that they are to do the the ethical thing and repair unnoticed potential issues, knowing State Farm and other insurers will compensate them if the extra work is legitimate. | Initially, after the contractor admitted fault, (the flashings were the problem) Greg Dickerson said he’d cover the deductible and fix the work if we filed a claim. State Farm said this is illegal and regardless, they, State Farm, don’t pay twice for the same work, especially when a contractor is incompetent, careless or fraudulent. | The calls and promises to come out and fix the issue, do the right thing, has gone on now for a month. Finally, they came out, did a quick walk through, took no notes and said they’d get back to us with an estimate and let us know what they’d be willing to do. Over a week has gone by with no estimate, our calls are not answered nor messages returned. | My neighbors a couple in their late 70’s also used this contractor and have a serious leak, unfortunately, the husband is very ill undergoing chemotherapy and not able to fight for his rights. I have now contracted Triple PPP Roofing LLC to fix the problem created by Greg’s Roofing and Siding aka Greg’s Seamless Guttering and Roofing. | We have given up on Greg Dickerson and Bruce Best keeping their word and honoring their contract. For your information the contractor already has one complaint with you and if you look online you’ll find at some Scammers site various complaints as well as a site call Pisssed consumers. The purpose of this complaint, is to go on record, that this contractor is not legitimate, they are unethical, not honorable to their contract, that they prey on elderly neighborhoods, commit insurance fraud without any guilt or apparent consequences and the public should be aware of this and warned. | Myself and some of the neighbors intend to file suit and have overwhelming evidence to win in a court of law with State Farm and Triple PPP, LLC as corroborating witnesses. I hope for the sake of consumers and the contractors industry, you take appropriate action against this firm, as, they put a nasty stain on the entire Arkansas contracting industry, which is unfair to the overwhelming majority of legitimate contractors.

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