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He told me that he had over 30 yrs of verifiable credit repair. And i needed to send him a pdf copy of my social security card & drivers license. So i did then he said to give himan hour and he would pull my credit and see what he could do and he text me back and said that since i jus had about 3 items and some disputing to do and that within say 60 days he would guarantee me that my credit score would go up over 100 points. | And that with his sucess and industry know how that he would guarantee it. Then he txt me that instead of the usual $1500 that since i am a veteran and he was as well that he would do it for $500 and he asked if i could send it zelle that way he could get started like the next day. | He then stated that he would add a couple of tradelines to my credit report and one he said was a $10000 4 year i believe he said a wells fargo that had been paid on time every month. Now not knowing then the total im pact of what he was talking about i contacted navy federal credit union and transfered by way of zelle bank wire transfer the $500 to him. | I then told my wife and mother of what i had done. They both looked at me with utter discust and said that i was an idiot for doing that and if this guy ripped me off then our mortgage payment would bounce. A couple of days passed and he didnt as much as call nor did he return my calls. Then i got a text which is his usual way of communicating. | And he said that his girls in his office were on top of it and not to worry that i was going to really see an increase in my credit score. Now about 4 days passed and i didnt hear not one d**n word from mr timothy bryant im starting to really get concerned let alone having my wife and mother jus giv me up for a complete laughing stock. | My wife ask me for his full name and googleed it and wow i was totally taken back let alone looking like boo boo the fool to my wife and mother. Now im a mad marine at this point. I contacted my credit union and told them what had happened | He needs to be put in prison and made to pay back everyone that hes ripped off i feel that california will make alot of difference and perhaps keep the next unsuspecting individual from getting ripped off. Buyer beware!!! ripped off in sc

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