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You’re unhappy in your relationship. Frequent arguments leave you feeling unheard, hurt & angry. You feel alone, even when you’re together-starving for emotional and/or physical connection, passion &happiness. Sometimes it feels like you’re just going through the motions, like roommates, not living the life you dreamed of together with romance, connectedness & trust. The silent treatment, criticism, & defensiveness feels unbearable at times. You want to repair the ruptures, but not sure how. I’m an experienced couples counselor (Gottman Method) & trauma(EMDR) therapist with a passion for guiding couples to a life of love, connectionI’ve helped countless people through my specialties of couples therapy, affair recovery, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, eating disorders, parenting, complex trauma recovery & divorce recovery. Imagine enjoying your partner again-laughing together, feeling excited to spend time together, feeling love & feeling loved. It’s time for a positive change.Re-create a strong & loving relationship that feels right. If you prefer an accelerated approach, extended(4-6 hours with built in breaks) & marathon sessions (2-3 days) are available.This intensive & focused approach helps you work through specific issues & learn new communication skills in a shorter amount of time.

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