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Jaclyn Lewis-Croswell is a licensed clinical psychologist with specialty training to treat insomnia and sleep disorders such as sleep walking, night terrors, circadian rhythm disorders, and nightmares. She enjoys working with patients across the ages from adolescent through adulthood and helps patients manage the emotional aspects of dealing with acute or chronic health problems, behavioral changes such as weight loss, diabetes management, in addition to stress management such as meditation or relaxation training. She uses CBT to treat anxiety and depression and EMDR for trauma. She has post graduate training in CBT for insomnia, mindfulness training for anxiety and depression, and EMDR training for treatment of trauma. She also can help patients with psychosomatic symptoms which is stress that presents as pain, headache, stomach upset or other physical reactions when one feels strong emotion and teaches clients to manage this. She is very empathic and caring putting her patient care at the forefront which is why she also stays up-to-date on research in the areas of her expertise so she can bring science into her clinical work to best help her client. For more information see website at www.jaclynlewiscroswell.com

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