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You are amazing! I can help you through this. If there’s problems in your love life, a heavy feeling in your chest, racing thoughts, or you need to find ways to share your experience with others, I can help you with what’s bothering you. Look to the right at the list of concerns. If something hits home, give me a call. I want you to live a happy & healthy life with less pain. I work with a lot of different concerns. My website has articles I have written within my specialties (http://tiny.cc/okkzvy). Take control now. Let’s make positive change. Picking up the phone is the first step. We got this!I don’t want you to be in therapy forever. I’m a likable and funny person whose a nerd at what I do. I research and customize my approach to give you a set of new, healthy habits that stay long after you are done seeing me. I spot patterns in the way people think and behave, then use what we learn to create a treatment for you. My background is more diverse than therapy and I bring that unique insight to help you. Even if you feel like you’ve been this way forever, we can make healthy changes. My deep knowledge base & use of pattern recognition offer an accurate analysis of your concerns. This means less time in treatment and more time enjoying life. Let’s get you better together!

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