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Life is full of messy bits, sometimes these are unforeseen issues that pop up out of our control and sometimes they are a product of our own design. Regardless, in a culture where we must present as put together, in control, etc., it gets a little hard to trudge the water. If we aren’t careful this can lead to maladaptive coping skills, poor emotional regulation, and development into mental health disorders (depression, anxiety, addiction, etc). At Just Keep Swimming Counseling, LLC, I strive to create a healthy, safe space in order to set goals for growth, face challenges, and gain introspection to be a fuller, healthier you.I combine several orientations. Techniques from CBT and DBT are applied to explore how thoughts and emotions impact our behaviors. In addition, attachment styles developed from childhood are explored in order for a better understanding of current behaviors. I am also trained to work with couples (Gottman Level 1).I appreciate you taking a moment out to read this. I wanted to thank-you for choosing me to provide for your counseling needs and goals. I acknowledge the courage it takes to want to make a change, and I am delighted, honored and privileged to be working with you through this journey. For more information, go to https://keepswimmingcounseling.com/

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