James Mieners of Portland

James Mieners of Portland

This is about James Mieners of Portland, OR. He currently works for Future Electronics in Portland, OR, and his Linkedin account is www.linkedin.com/in/james-meiners-3749605a I am saddened to be forced to write this, but Mr. James Mieners gave me no choice. I extended a few generous offers to fix this quietly, but he dug his heels and REFUSED. Therefore allow me to explain my story, so I can warn others of his potential to cause harm. | I am a Christian, and May of 2013 the Lord led me to give a gift to a brand new employee at Enterprise Car Rental. I bought a $150 Ross gift card, wrote a beautiful anonymous card to this woman, and gave it to James Mieners to give to her since it was supposed to be anonymous. You see, James was the branch manager at the time (I see he was demoted that very month and eventually left the company. Could it be that Galatians 6:7 was working in action, who knows but God right James). | Being that I still live in the area and being that I still occasionally rent from Enterprise, I ran into this Enterprise employee, the INTENDED recipient of the gift and decided to share what the Lord had done for her life six years ago. What? You never got it? FUNNY thing is I had a hunch that I gave James Mieners the opportunity to steal. As such I called to follow up with him, and he responded, “YES I did give it to her. She was very surprised, and appreciated it”!!!! | WOW James Mieners you are a liar and a thief, so it seems anyway. I did a little checking on your background, and see you had a stint with a Christian ministry. James when you opened the card NOT addressed to you, did your conscious give you a ping at all when you read the Bible verse written to a complete stranger, and signed anonymous? You took her gift that the Lord intended for HER James NOT YOU. Shame on you, but guess what? | YOUR FORMER COMPANY ENTERPRISE CAR RENTAL ACTUALLY HAS A HEART. Yeah EHI, what a GREAT company. Everyone PLEASE rent from Enterprise Car Rental because even after six years, the head management team came in and saved the day (when they did NOT have to). We can’t do anything legally to James since the Statute of Limitations has expired, but that doesn’t mean James you got ot away with your dirty deed. | It only means that your former employee that you stole from is getting something far greater than that little ole Ross gift card that you stole, that’s all. And James, I’ll never understand why you wouldn’t want to immediately settle this up so your former employer did NOT have to foot the bill of your thievery, but you didn’t. Therefore my advice is do NOT leave Mr. Mieners alone with any valuables, and certainly as an employer you may not want to trust him at all with anything requiring integrity because Mr. Mieners simply does NOT have it to give.

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