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Granted I rolled in my evidences, but James River struck them down big time. My evidences were VERY good, showing before and after medical notes (with clear night and day differences), and packing excessive testimonials. Clearly, any other insurance company would have accepted this as legit. | But Ryan Berberich and Corey Dozier both of James River (insurance agents), struck me down time and time again. | I started looking for attorney’s and they turned me down, not because my case isn’t good, but because James River is known to “be nigh to impossible. Requiring a law suit, court case and impossibly difficult proceedings.” | Well, we as Uber riders are paying for this insurance. And gosh is it just me, or did I think I was insured, driving with Uber…!!??!?! | Well, I hate to break it to you sisters, but you’re not insured riding with Uber. No ‘mam, not effectively. Clearly this company is in it to protect its own and that’s it. OK, maybe if you have an attorney they will maybe think differently. | I believe the problem is in the design. The devil is in the design, sometimes and is strong in this design. | Because all the Uber drivers are all under one insurance roof. It prevents the company from seeing the injuries properly. Clearly they are over-weighted with the Uber drives hanging so very much higher in their esteem. Chalk it up to “motherly” instincts. | Well, that’s what we are up against my friends. So will you join me in asking for Uber to break off with James River as a sole provider of insurance?! Are these people employees or contractors. They should all get insurance with any old provider at their own accord. | IF James River is to continue – then they need to provide transparency – public accountability to how many rejects they get and how many accepts they get. Why can’t we all make sure they are handling things well and in positive terms? | From what I read of the public notes on Yelp – they are rejecting users left and right. Pretty much everyone gives up and says, “I guess I’m not worthy of insurance coverage.” | Well, that’s just not right. | This is a travesty my folks. This is what bad political design gets us in the day and age of crowdsourcing and crowd-platforms. | I’m afraid that now with crowd-platforms. A little bit of bad design like this – heaping all the drivers into one company – can easily break down our traditional coverage that we have come to expect as consumers. Leaving us, “gasp! unprotected.” | We all need to be on the lookout for more bad designs like this, especially with artificial intelligence coming onto the scene. More bad designs will start to erode our rights, quickly unless we act strong and fast…!!! | Now James River is not a small company – they are worth $800,000,000 on the public stock market. And that’s before any infusion from the now public Uber company that is worth $80 billion now. | So they have no excuse now to act so small potatoes any more. | Are you with me? Let’s call for change?! Will someone register a “Demand Progress” campaign to fund the legislation we need to break up this bad design – monopoly or what not???!!!!

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