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As a traveling therapist, I will be able to meet with you in your home, in the library or the place of you are most comfortable. I am a laid back individual who has heard it all. I can provide help to those with Bipolar Disorder, Trauma, PTSD, Mood Disorders, Depression, Anxiety and life changes. We can, together, explore and indentify coping skills that will allow us to get to the inner source of the current struggles. This will also allow us to explore ways to enjoy your new found lifestyle.Creating the therapist-client relationship is the most important allowing the trust to build for healthy and appropriate communication. In meeting at the place of your choice, we will be able to explore more comfortably the challenges you are experiencing using a multitude of therapeutic techniques.I use a warm team approach with you to work through your therapeutic journey. Each client is an individual, as well as the approach I will use to engage with you. We can experience life in a good and a rough way. These negative experiences cannot define us. Peace

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