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Have you ever said, “If only…, then everything would be alright”? But your “If only” hasn’t happened, or when it did, it still wasn’t “alright”. Have there been times when you can’t even put your discomfort/ feelings into words, but knew it when it showed up. Let me help you find relief, order, and peace of mind using Accelerated Resolution Therapy¬Æ (ART) for proven rapid recovery from trauma, abuse, anxiety, phobias, depression, etc. I also provide added skilled and proven treatments to get you unstuck and moving forward in your life, relationships, and dreams.I’m certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy¬Æ (ART) which produces quick, effective, & safe results for treating trauma (PTSD, abuse, violent attacks), anxiety, phobias, depression, etc. Results can be experienced in as little as 3 sessions. I also work with couples and families to identify and resolve stated problems, as well as underlying feelings.For some, help is needed to get to a good place. For others, it’s just help getting back to a good place. I invite you to allow yourself the choice, and me the opportunity to partner with you on that journey. Give me a call…

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