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As a counselor, I provide a safe therapeutic environment where you are accepted just as you are, because this is where real change begins. In this positive but genuine setting, real self-exploration can occur allowing you to finally discover the root causes of repeating patterns of negativity in your life that causing you stress, anxiety, depression or even interfere with relationships, career or athletic and creative performance. You can finally begin to work though your life challenges and overcome obstacles to reach your highest potential.I created Sivana Counseling with the vision of providing support to people by enabling them to manage the complexities of life more effectively. Adults, couples and teens, develop skills to be better equipped to work through major life changes and enjoy enhanced relationships. I assist athletes, musicians and performers to achieve optimal performance.I also have a high success rate in working with teens struggling with self-esteem issues, challenging decision making situations with peers, family conflict and even self-harm. I am able to connect with them in a way that fosters trust, acceptance and support; especially teens who are resistant to talking to a counselor.

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