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Never give up! You Can change what you don’t like in your life. I am passionate about listening to you, empowering and motivating you to feel confident, and take control of your life. This is not just talk therapy. I actively help you get through and conquer the difficulties in your life by using mind-body strategies, such as Hypnotherapy, EMDR, meditation, movement, and neurofeedback. The therapy process together will have you feel understood and supported. Our therapy sessions will provide you with continuity to use powerful hands-on tools for you to overcome your life challenges, and succeed. Call me. Power up your life.I can help you with the mind-body approach using hypnotherapy, meditation, or EMDR to reduce anxiety, stress, or confusion. I will guide you as your life coach to get you into the life you want! Co-authored a self-help book “To Stay Or Not To Stay”, available @ www.amazon.com. This workbook helps clarify and make this major life decision.In my practice, I invite you to find and build a strong sense of self. I use various techniques, such as hypnotherapy, relaxation strategies, guided imagery, assertiveness, Journals, and in-session texts to help empower you weekly. I lead groups, and workshops on meditation, pain/stress management, motivation, relationships, self-esteem, and trauma.

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