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Would you like to feel better and have more energy and resilience? The anxiety, fatigue, and feelings of overwhelm are not trivial. It can affect everything in our lives – self-worth, relationships, career, physical and mental health and more. “Stuff” happens and it can keep us stuck. Through Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) we can clear issues in a fast and fun way rather than older, slower, more painful methods. It took courage to take the first step to look us up. I would be honored to help you find your peace and happiness.My canine co-therapist, Mack, and I will support and nurture your journey. A dog-friendly, comfortable, casual place (mine, yours, or Zoom) at a convenient time ( evenings and Weekends, yes, even Sundays) is what you or your loved-one will experience when working with us.Looking for a Qualified Supervisor as a Social Work Intern? Looking for information about Service Dogs vs. Therapy Dogs, vs. Emotional Support Animals. We can help. For more info, go to janusmoncur.com. For a free 20 minute consultation, please contact me via phone or text.

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