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I have a Sunbeam Warm Mist Humidifier part SWM2414. It has stopped functioning like all the others have from good customers here that have bought into a obvious defect prone product. | I only used this machine for two – three months each winter and so at 5 years old it really has been used for a year and a half at best in solid full real time. | I kept it cleaned and in good condition. | This fall I plugged it in and the Change Light comes on and stays on and cannot be reset. | I call Sunbeam Customer service , their division called Jarden Home Environment for Canadian Customers. | In a nutshell i spent around 30 minutes or more on the phone, explained the issue, than was told that my humidifier is 5 years old. Like that is supposed to be ancient or something? | When did the days come upon us where appliances are expected to only last a year or two if we take the less than subtle implications from manufacturers like Sunbeam. | I explained to her that 5 years but of those 5 years for 9 months of each year this sits on a shelf through the summer. So really it is only 1.5 years old by usage perspectives. | Than I said that it irks me that this machine obviously is faulty by nature based on the overwhelming amount of similar issues posted on the Sunbeam site and other review sites as well like Amazon etc. | I said this machine is a lemon so i would expect that Sunbeam rectify the situation with a decent offer of help. Either repair it for next to nothing or offer a very good discount off a new one of another model. | She comes back 7 minutes later and says they can offer a 15% discount and a few Fragrance pucks off a new machine. I said Really? Retail stores offer 10 – 15% off all day long so you would think a direct manufacturer could at least offer 50 – 65% off retail after all they are saving the retailer markup. | I told her that was insulting. And thanks for wasting 35 minutes of my life. I should have been able to get at least 50% retail off easily as that is the retailer margin if not more! Sunbeam would have been able to offer me wholesale and not lose a dime. That would have been 50% off easily. Just shows what kind of a company they are. | I owned a three year old blender and from Black & decker and it started smoking. I called them and they couriered out a brand new one to me and picked the old one up without even the slightest argument. I guess Sunbeam is light years behind Black & Deckers customer service. | Will I buy anything Sunbeam again? No way! | Should you guys buy Sunbeam? Only if you want to see your money hit the toilet. I will be cross posting this experience to a couple Facebook sites that reach over 30,000 people in my city as well as Rip off report.com. Thanks Sunbeam for manufacturing and selling crap. | If you buy Sunbeam, just leave it on your shelf or cupboard. That way it will last for years.

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