Jasper Contractors, Inc.

Jasper Contractors, Inc.

Well, this make shift company not only has a high turn around, but they treat their employees like dogs. | They take Commissions from their sales guys and nobody can say a word of anything in fear of getting fired. Its a Work Dictatorship!!! | They set up an illegal 45 days and 3 day check pick up rule for their sales guys via email, which in turn changes a whole commission structure. THEY THINK THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW!!!! | They advertise on their job postings, “You can make $1000 +!!! That’s all BS. They take all the money in a ridiculous 28% overhead gross profit!!! | This is how their commission structure works: | Ex. $8000 job for 32 squares of roof= $250/sq | 28% of $8000= $2,240.00 Production Cost= $ 5376 | Add the 28% and Production Cost= $7616 | Whatever is left over is divided by 2. Therefore, $192 belongs to the sales guy. Sometimes nothing!!! Its all to the mercy of the insurance payout. However, the sales guy is responsible for everything. They have become so greedy that even the $192 they are trying to take away from the person who originated it all. | Wedding, THINK ABOUT WHO’S MAKING YOU MONEY YOU P***K!!!! Its not your office bimbo’s, which you hire based on looks. | There’s plenty more, however, I would probably never stop typing.

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  1. Delmar Launey
    June 17, 2020
  2. Abdul Coviello
    June 17, 2020
  3. Alvina Pallante
    June 17, 2020

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